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Welcome to my website. I hope you can find everything you need here. I am offering specialised piano tuition to anyone who would like to discover more about music and know the joys of playing the piano. It doesn't matter if you're 4 or 94, you're never too young or old to learn.

learn to play piano in Bristol

My Background

I started to learn the piano when I was 7 years old and worked steadily through the ABRSM graded exams. As a child, teenager and young adult I would play to entertain family and friends. When I was 13, one of my first paid jobs was to play the piano for ballet dancing classes. This was good training and discipline for me and I learnt a lot about how to accompany others and play different styles of music on demand. The ballet instructor was fairly eccentric and exacting, if I remember ri ghtly but I enjoyed the experience nonetheless. I took my Grade 5 theory exam when I was 12 and Grade 7 practical at 17. I never tried for Grade 8, unfortunately, as I think I felt I had enough to do at the time studying for my ‘A’ levels.

Bristol Piano Teachers
Bristol Piano Teachers

As a teenager I gave piano lessons to some children and a young adult, although at that age I must have surely lacked the maturity and knowledge to do a very good job. I also learnt to play the bassoon which was a lot of fun as well as the church organ albeit to a somewhat basic level. In my late teens and early twenties I played the organ in various churches in the villages around Chard, south Somerset, where I grew up, playing hymns on a variety of bizarre organ instruments. For many years I only played the odd piece on the piano very irregularly as I was busy doing other things like having children. It wasn’t until December 2008 when I offered to play the piano to accompany the nursery and reception children at my daughters’ primary school nativity play that I started to think that I’d like to seriously rediscover my love of playing the piano.

I love being part of the great post punk power pop cover band which is known as SmÄll, famous all over Windmill Hill, even as far afield as Totterdown and Knowle. I’m just the keyboard player of course. We’ve played for all sorts of occasions – weddings, birthday parties, outdoor events, street parties, Christmas Fairs and we’ve headlined a couple of big gigs at the fine music club/pub establishment – The Thunderbolt.
I live on Windmill Hill in South Bristol. So whether you or your child would like to work your way through the ABRSM, LCM or Trinity exams as I have done or whether you'd just like some help learning a favourite song or piece, please get in touch.

Happy New Year 2022

learn to play piano in Bristol
I offer lessons in my lovely conservatory area with beautiful views across the city
Online lessons continue also if you prefer.

Christmas Concerts 2021

We had three wonderful Christmas concerts in the church

Have look at our concert page for some photos of this and other student concerts

Please see my Facebook page for some more recent photos and videos.

About Bristol piano lessons

I am offering quality piano tuition to people of all ages and abilities from young children to the not very young.

I also provide the piano accompaniment to other instruments in graded ABRSM, LCM or Trinity exams exam or any other situation where piano accompaniment is required.


These are my current prices. Please get in touch for larger block bookings or details of gift certificates as presents for piano students.

  • £17 for a single lesson of 30 minutes
  • £80 for a block of 5 lessons
  • £150 for a block of 10 lessons


This is George, my very first student, now he is an accomplished musician who plays and composes his own music.

Hope By George Descaillaux

George Descaillaux composed this piece for the Bristol Old Vic theatre

Contact details for help & advice about Bristol piano lessons

If you would like to get in touch with me, please use the contact form, phone or email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


16 Eldon Terrace
Windmill Hill